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Seasonal Auto Maintenance

Seasonal Auto Maintenance

Have you properly prepared your vehicle for the winter season? Let’s look at a few things to consider when winterizing your vehicle.

According to an article at, “Winter Auto Maintenance”

“Check Your Oil

47346346 - winter driving - risk of snow and ice - driftingAs the temperatures change, you may want to change your oil and replace it with a different viscosity, which simply refers to how thick or heavy the oil is.

Your engine’s oil becomes thinner as the temperature rises, so in warmer climates, a thicker, higher-viscosity oil will help keep your engine properly lubricated. For the same reason, heavier oils aren’t as effective if you’re traveling through extremely cold, blustery conditions. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to see which oil viscosity is recommended for the weather conditions that you experience.

Keep Warm

Your car’s radiator is like a Thermos. It helps the engine stay at a proper temperature, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Thus, your car’s coolant or antifreeze deserves attention when temperatures start to fall.

If the system isn’t filled properly, your engine could freeze in the winter, which means the car won’t start. Additionally, antifreeze that’s old can lead to rust and corrosion, which could cause leaks. As a result, it’s important to flush your radiator and refill it with fresh antifreeze when recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

Stay Charged

Car batteries can die without much notice, and extreme temperatures can cause battery problems. Old batteries don’t hold a charge as well, which can make your car’s electrical system work harder. Check the battery’s positive and negative terminals to make sure that there is no rust or corrosion, and consider replacing your battery if it’s getting older. If you have an older battery and the temperatures are falling, getting your battery tested to ensure it’s in good working order and possibly replacing it could help keep you from becoming stranded.” To read the entire article click here.

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