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3 Tips on How to Avoid Being Overcharged

3 Tips on How to Avoid Being Overcharged

For many households, your vehicle is the second most expensive thing you own. If you’re having to visit the auto repair shop more than frequently, let’s take a look at key points to consider.

According to an article at, “Auto Service Tips”

11113825_s1. Are you being overcharged?

Many car-owners are not necessarily experts. Because of this, not everyone knows if a price quote is reasonable or too high. Do research before getting a quote, then get a second opinion from a mechanic or knowledgeable friend that you trust to tell you whether the quoted price is fair.

2. Are you fixing the right problem?

Especially if a repair is costly, you will want to know whether a mechanic is diagnosing the problem correctly. Wrong diagnoses can mean more problems and possibly a higher bill for you.

3. How important is the repair?

  • While repairs that cost only $20 may not be worth a second opinion, it is smart to get additional advice if the repair features a few characteristics:
    You cannot drive your car without getting the work done.
  • This is a recurring problem that was not successfully fixed the first time.
  • The initial quote is a considerable sum of money.” To read the entire article click here.

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