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4 Gas Mileage Tips

4 Gas Mileage Tips

What to know how you can improve your gas mileage? Here are tips on how to improve your gas mileage?

According to an article at, “Auto Care Tips”

  1. 4950222_s“Avoid driving aggressively: Speed and rapid acceleration or deceleration is considered aggressive driving. Not only is driving aggressively dangerous, it also is not good for your vehicle’s gas mileage. Driving sensibly is both safer and cost effective.
  2. Be cautious of the speed limit: Gas mileage usually decreases the faster you go, especially when you reach speeds over 50 mph. Observing the speed limit is an excellent way to improve gas mileage while staying safe.
  3. Avoid hauling heavy cargo, especially on your roof: If possible, try to avoid hauling heavy cargo, especially if it is on the roof of your vehicle. When it is on your roof, the wind is pulling on your vehicle, causing your car to work much harder to go forward. This dramatically lowers fuel economy.
  4. Remove any excess weight: If you have any unneeded items, especially if they are heavy, in your vehicle, remove them.” To read the entire article click here.

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