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Flashing Dashboard Lights

Flashing Dashboard Lights

Do you know what what it means when your car dashboard warning lights are glowing? Let’s look at what certain dashboard lights mean and what you should do in that moment.

According to an article at, “Warning Lights”

“Anyone who drives a car knows all about those warning lights on our dashboards. The Check Engine light is probably the most widely known, and perplexes drivers every day. “Check engine light” is always one of the most popular search terms for anything automotive related. Modern cars, however had warning lights for tire pressure, the cooling system, engine oil and other fluids, and more. So, if you see one of these lights, what would you do? Keep going? Panic? Pull over? Should you stop where you are, or is it safe to get home?

Check Engine – Flashing vs. Solid

We all know about the Check Engine Light. This light can indicate many different things, but you may not know that there is a distinction between a solid one and a flashing one. A check engine light that is lit and solid means a problem has occurred more than once – usually an emission-related problem – and you should get it checked out soon. Sometimes a check engine light will resolve itself, and one of the most common causes is a loose or damaged gas cap. In general, a solid check engine light is no cause for immediate alarm, but get it checked when you can. A flashing check engine light, on the other hand, is an urgent warning. When this light is flashing, you are actively doing damage to your engine and you should stop driving as soon as possible.

Battery Warning Light

This light, like many others, appears when you start your car, and probably vanishes soon after. If it doesn’t, or if it appears while you are driving, then there could be either a problem with your battery, an alternator fault (which charges the battery), or a problem with the drive belt that spins the alternator, if it has a dedicated one. In most modern cars, a single serpentine belt controls this and many other automated functions, and you’ll know if it fails by the loss of power steering, brakes, and many other functions. In any case, a battery warning light should be taken seriously. No one wants to be stranded anywhere. If your battery is over 2 years old, it may need replacing, and if not, suspect an alternator problem.” To read the entire article click here.

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