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How to Change Headlights

How to Change Headlights

When was the last time you changed your headlights? Since many families are traveling, this is the perfect time to get your vehicle ready for your annual road trip.

According to an article at, “Changing a Car Headlight”

Getting Ready to Replace the Bulb

What you’ll need:

Usually no tools at all!

Locate the Bulb Holder

With the hood propped safely open, look around to the back of the headlight and locate the bulb holder. It will have three wires coming out of a plug that is shaped like a trapezoid.

Unplugging the Headlight Wiring

Remove the Wiring Harness

The three wires are attached to a plug that is at the base of the headlight itself. This plug will be held in by a plastic catch, a metal clip, or in some cases a screw cap.

For a plastic catch, you’ll see a little lever sticking up at the top of the plug. Press this down with your thumb while you pull firmly but gently on the plug. It should slide off.

For a metal clip, just pull up and away and it will come off in your hand. Try not to drop it, when these things hit the pavement the clips are like stick-bugs in the woods, hard to see.

For a screw cap, simply unscrew it by turning it counter-clockwise (the old righty-tighty/lefty loosey might get confusing since you are doing the reach around.)

Out with the Old Headlight Bulb

The bulb may be behind a rubber seal. Matt Wright

Remove the Old Bulb

With the wiring out of the way, you should be able to pull the bulb out by holding onto the base (the thing that the plug was in). In some cases, you may have to rotate the bulb slightly for it to release, but this is rare these days. Feel free to gently wiggle at this point!” To read the entire article click here.

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