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Is Your Vehicle Leaking Fluid?

Is Your Vehicle Leaking Fluid?

As your pulling out the driveway, did you notice a puddle of fluid that came from underneath your vehicle? Do you know how to determine what kind of fluid your vehicle may be leaking? Here are tips on how to determine what kind of fluid may be leaking from your vehicle.

According to an article at, “What Kind of Fluid Color is coming from Your Vehicle?”

10536605_s“How Do I Determine What Fluid It Is?

The first thing to remember is that you’re dealing with chemical fluids from a mechanical object – taste testing is out of the question. Secondly, several of these fluids are flammable, so smoking while you’re checking is never a wise decision. The best thing to do is to stick your finger in the fluid and see if you can tell what color it is. Determining the fluid’s color could pinpoint exactly what type of liquid you’re playing around in. Don’t worry, as long as you wash your hands afterward you won’t suffer any ill effects from touching the fluid.

What Does the Color Mean?

Each fluid in your vehicle usually has a color all its own. By traditional standards, red was transmission fluid, brown or black was engine oil, green was coolant, blue was washer fluid, and clear was brake fluid or power steering fluid. With the advent of more vehicles being equipped with electronic power steering that eliminates the need for power steering fluid on many vehicles. So, if your fluid is clear or a filmy, hazy clear, you probably have a brake fluid leak. Unfortunately, nowadays the rest of these fluids come in all different colors. Antifreeze can now be green, yellow, pink, orange, or even blue. Transmission fluid has stayed red for the most part, so it should be very distinguishable. Engine oil has also remained the same color through the ages.

What If I Can’t Tell the Color?

When you’re dealing with small spotting under your car, in other words a very minor leak, it’s often hard to get a gauge on exactly what color the fluid is. There are two things to do here. The first is to see if you can get just the tiniest bit of the fluid on your finger from the ground. Feel the texture of it. If it is very smooth, oily and slick, it is probably one of your major fluids. If it is very thin and watery, you could be leaking washer fluid. Remember, you’re A/C system will give off condensation as well. There is a plastic drain tube (on the passenger side of most vehicles, but it does vary) that will leak water from the A/C condensation. Many people mistake this for a leak. If the puddle on the ground is very thin, make sure it’s not simply water from the drain tube.” To read the entire article click here.

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