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Tips on How to Avoid An Auto Collision

Tips on How to Avoid An Auto Collision

Do you know how you can reduce your chances of getting into an accident? Let’s look at ways to reduce your chances of getting into an auto collision.

According to an article at, “Safety Auto Tips”

“Stay alert.

As easy as it is to do, you should never switch to auto pilot while driving. That’s a surefire way to slow your response time and decrease awareness. Keep your attention focused on the road ahead and the vehicles around you so your brain can analyze and prepare for any dangerous situations.

This also means that driving drowsy is a big no-no. Studies have shown that sleepy drivers are twice as likely to cause an accident than non-drowsy ones. Your risk of an accident while driving tired is like that when driving while intoxicated. If your eyelids start drooping, pull off the road and either take a nap or grab some caffeine. Be aware, however, that caffeine takes a while to be effective and it eventually wears off. There’s no substitute for sleep in the long run.

Avoid Distractions.

Eating, using your phone, and spending too much time checking in on children in the back seat are all distractions that make you lose focus on the road ahead. It may feel like you’re losing time if you must stop to grab lunch, make a call, or sort out your squabbling kids in the back, but it’ll mean that you’ll be a safer driver when you get back on the road.

Though texting while driving isn’t illegal in every state, studies have shown that response times while texting or reading text messages are severely delayed. If you need to communicate while on the road, make a small investment in a Bluetooth device.

Create a buffer zone.

Leaving space between you and the car ahead allows time for braking should the situation demand it. The general rule of thumb is a car length for every 10 miles an hour. Going 60? Try to keep six car lengths distance between you and the vehicle in front.

This also aids in setting up an escape route. You need to be ready for a dangerous situation to occur anywhere on the road, which means you need to have an empty space to steer into. If the cars in front and behind you are getting uncomfortably close, strategically line up with an empty space to the side. This allows you to have a place to steer your vehicle into.” To read the entire article click here.

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