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What It Means When Your Oil Light is On

What It Means When Your Oil Light is On

How long has your oil light been flickering? Let’s look at the dangers of skipping out on routine oil changes maintenance.

According to an article at, “Oil Change Service”

“Your vehicle oil must be changed before it becomes overly contaminated. The purpose of motor oil is to cool, clean, seal, and lubricate the engine. When your oil becomes dirty from flowing through the engine, it can no longer perform any of those functions.

Another reason you must change the oil is your vehicle’s tendency to burn oil up. If you put off your oil change too long, the engine can burn up all the oil, causing major problems for your engine.

One solution is to simply top the oil off. But this is only a temporary solution. Which brings us back to our original question: “What happens if I don’t change my oil?”

There are several possible consequences for skipping an oil change. First, and least likely, is that nothing at all will happen. While it is possible, depending on the climate you live in and your driving habits, that your car or truck may go completely unaffected- though this will rarely be the case.

The fact is that not changing your oil is very hard on your engine and is almost certain to cause long-term problems- or total engine failure. If your car has a turbo engine, it is even more important that you change your oil regularly. Remember, changing your oil too frequently can also cause problems. “To read the entire article click here.

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