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What to Do If Your Brakes Stop Working

What to Do If Your Brakes Stop Working

Would you know what to do if your brakes suddenly stopped working? Here are tips on how to handle this emergency situation.

According to an article at, “Brake System”

“Give the Brakes Another Shot

Unless you’re behind the wheel of a classic car, your vehicle likely has a dual braking system, which controls your front and rear brakes independently. As a result, both halves of the system would have to fail for your car to totally lose all braking power. Still, reducing your car’s braking ability in half can be enough to make it feel unsafe, but there may still be some stopping power. Try applying strong, consistent pressure to the brake pedal to see if you can slow the car down.

Take Steps to Reduce Your Speed

If your main braking system isn’t working, one option is to very carefully employ the emergency brake, according to Tech-Cor Research. The emergency braking system is separate from the main, hydraulic brake system, and it can help stop the vehicle — although it will likely take you longer to this way than it would with the traditional brake pedal.

Another way to slow your car down, according to Autoblog, is by keeping your foot off the accelerator and downshifting so that the engine can help slow the car down. If you have a manual transmission, work your way down through the gears to slow the car down. If you have an automatic transmission, taking your foot off the accelerator should cause your car to shift to lower gears as it slows down.

However, in newer cars with automatic transmissions that allow you to also drive them manually, you may want to use the paddle shifters (if available), which are levers on the steering wheels of cars with this feature, or put your transmission in manual mode and downshift to the lowest gear. Check your car owner’s manual for information on using your automatic car in manual mode.” To read the entire article click here.

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