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Why Frequent Oil Changes Are Important

Why Frequent Oil Changes Are Important

Since a vehicle is probably the second most expensive investment that people make, it’s important that your vehicle is serviced on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having your oil changed on a routine basis.

According to an article at, “The Benefits of an Oil Change”

11293337_s1) Keep Your Engine Humming
Oil is like blood for your vehicle. It is a lubricant, coolant and cleaner. This means that it keeps the various moving parts in your engine running smoothly and reduces friction. It also filters away any debris that may form. This keeps your car running smoothly, without any ticks or knocking. It also cools your engine down, reducing the damage that can be done when moving parts get too hot.

But over time motor oil will degrade and loose these properties. Without fresh, clean oil your car will begin to run poorly and eventually seize up and die. So keep your car humming along by regularly changing the oil. Check your owner’s manual for the proper oil to use and the best frequency for oil changes for your vehicle and driving habits.

2) Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Engine
As you drive your car, debris accumulates in the oil. This debris can damage and corrode the internal parts of your engine. Old oil can also turn into sludge and coat your engine parts making it more difficult to get oil where it is needed. An oil change eliminates this debris and sludge reducing the wear and tear on your engine. This means less repairs for you in future.

3) Improve Your Gas Mileage
Want to improve your MPG and reduce fuel consumption? Oil changes can help! When your engine is running well, it uses fuel more efficiently. This efficiency translates into better gas mileage for your vehicle and less pain at the pump for you. The investment you make in regular oil changes will translate into fuel savings over the life of your vehicle.” To read the entire article click here.

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