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Why You Should Always Leave an Oil Change to the Professionals

Why You Should Always Leave an Oil Change to the Professionals

Do you know why it’s best to leave an oil change to the professionals? Let’s look at three reasons to why you should always have an oil change done by an auto shop.

According to an article at, “3 Reasons to Why You Should Always Leave an Oil Change to the Professionals”

10536605_sChanging Your Own Oil Isn’t Easy

Unless you have a lift to get your car off the ground, changing your own oil will take you much longer than it would a mechanic. Yes, you can use a floor jack for this purpose, but a jack won’t get your car far off the ground. With little room to work with, you might have a hard time seeing what you’re doing and an even harder time removing the drain plug and oil filter.

Making a Mistake Could Cost You More

Even experienced mechanics make mistakes sometimes, but mistakes are rare when you perform oil changes every single day. Unless you’re an experienced mechanic, you’re better off leaving this job to the professionals. Why? Because you might make a mistake that could cost you more than you’d save by changing your own oil. For example, if the filter isn’t sealed properly and you leave your vehicle running, oil will leak out and ruin the engine.

You’ll Pay Retail Price for Oil and Filters

If you plan on changing your own oil, you’ll need to purchase the oil and filter from a local automotive store. This means you’ll be paying a marked-up price. Auto repair shops, on the other hand, are able to purchase these items in bulk and get a significant discount for doing so.” To read the entire article click here.

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