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Winter Road Trip Tips

Winter Road Trip Tips

Will you be taking a family road trip during this winter season? Preparation is the key to any road trip. Here are tips on how to prepare for a road trip this winter season.

According to an article at, “Traveling During the Winter Season”

“Before you drive, clear the snow and ice from the windows, hood, lights, and roof. Keep your vehicle clean to help you be more visible to others. Vehicle maintenance is always important, but even more so in weather extremes. Be sure all these systems are in good working order—ignition system, fuel system, belts, hoses, fluids, brakes, exhaust system, wiper blades and operation, heater and defroster, cooling system, battery, and lights. Make sure you have winter-grade oil in the crankcase. Keep the fuel tank full—don’t let it get below half before filling up. Add gasoline antifreeze if necessary.

Tires and Traction: You should have at least 1/8-inch tire tread depth and proper inflation. Cold temperatures have a lowering effect on tire pressures—check frequently to maintain adequate inflation. Carry chains or invest in winter tires (for mud and snow). In some states, you can use studded snow tires, but they are illegal in others. Traction devices often greatly increase your stopping distance, so control your vehicle carefully. “All-season” tires are not your best choice for poor conditions outside the sanded, sheltered streets of a city—make sure you have good lugged snow tires if you are traveling through heavy snow country.

Know the difference between standard brakes and ABS brakes, and how to use each. When using ABS, press the brake and hold it. Do not release the pressure. With standard brakes, use threshold braking. Press the brake pedal until the wheels begin to lock, then release just enough pressure to get them rolling again. It is important to have your brakes serviced so they do not pull to one side or the other.” To read the entire article click here.

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