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Women and Auto Shops

Women and Auto Shops

Many women are responsible for maintain the service on their vehicles. Have you heard about the recent survey done on women and auto shops? Let’s look at what women find important for auto shops to consider.

According to an article at, “Recent Survey on Women and Auto Service”

11293337_s“The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence reports that women are increasingly taking responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the family vehicles. In fact, the Institute estimates more than 65% of customers who take their vehicle to an auto repair shop for service are women.

Other surveys show a slightly lower number but there is no doubt that women increasingly make the decisions regarding automotive service and repair.

It is vital, therefore, for auto repair shops to understand the needs of women and how to communicate with them.

Nine out of ten women responding to a recent Car Care Council survey said they believe auto repair shop operators treat them differently because they are women.

5 tips to Keep Your Women Customers Coming Back to Your Auto Repair Shop

  1. When explaining issues, be sure to use in laymen’s terms (lose the tech speak)
  2. Be sure to always be polite and respect the fact a woman may feel out of place
  3. Keep your waiting area and restroom clean and make it as comfortable as possible
  4. Consider adding some kid-friendly features like coloring books
  5. Always follow-up after the repair; a phone call or email can go a long way in cementing the relationship.” To read the entire article click here.

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