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Simple Road Trip Preparation Tips

Simple Road Trip Preparation Tips

Who can resist the adventure of the open road? Before hitting the road this summer, it would be best to take several simple auto precautions to keep your family safe while on the road.

According to an article at, “Auto Preparation Tips”

“You and your family are going to be spending a considerable amount of time in your vehicle so you’ll want to make sure it’s clean, says Berry Ross, an agent for Hertz in Los Angeles. Tires are extremely important. Your tire pressure should match the specs in your owner’s manual. If your tread is low, buy new tires. If the tread wear is safe, then have the tires rotated. Also check the indicators, headlights, and brake and interior lights by turning them on and off. Make sure the horn is working, and check your wipers, brakes, transmission fluid, antifreeze and oil.

“Of course, you’ll want to leave home with a full tank of gas,” Ross says.

If you’re venturing more than 1,000 miles from home, consider renting a car to avoid wear and tear on your car, Ross says. Rental cars already have the maintenance done for you.” To read the entire article click here.

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