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The Mistake of Putting Diesel into Gasoline Engine

The Mistake of Putting Diesel into Gasoline Engine

What happens if you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle? Let’s look at what happens if you put diesel into a gasoline engine and what you should look out for when pumping gas.

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“Diesel Into A Gasoline Engine

Putting diesel in a gas-fueled car is a different matter. A couple of gallons of diesel may only make the car run poorly, but it can smoke like a steam locomotive. If fed only diesel, a gasoline-fueled vehicle will quickly stop working.

As mentioned above, gasoline engines typically have a compression ratio of around 10:1, far from enough to ignite diesel, even with the help of a spark plug. If you put diesel in a gas engine and pretend it didn’t happen, the fuel pump, lines and injectors could be ruined, the fuel filter clogged up and other damage done. If you do realize your mistake before you start the car, have the vehicle towed to a repair shop where the fuel tank can be drained.

Preventative Measures 

Pump nozzles and vehicle filler necks on gasoline-fueled vehicles have been designed to help prevent against putting diesel in a gasoline car, but some drivers can be very determined to put fuel (even the wrong type) into their vehicle. Some of the safety measures designed to prevent fuel mixing include: A separate diesel dispenser, color-coding the handle, designing the diesel nozzle to be a larger diameter so it won’t fit into a gasoline tank filler neck and including a protective flap inside the gasoline filler neck to further help prevent diesel from entering the tank.

Unfortunately, the smaller-diameter gasoline nozzle fits readily into the larger diesel filler neck. To combat this scenario, some manufacturers have developed devices that help prevent fueling if a smaller-diameter nozzle is inserted. Unless your diesel vehicle is fitted with such, you may want to avoid loaning it to anyone, especially someone who isn’t familiar with fueling a diesel vehicle.” To read the entire article click here.

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