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Car Buying Tips

Car Buying Tips

Is it time to start looking for a new vehicle? Before you head down to the dealership, here are tips on what to consider.

According to an article at, “Important Questions to Consider Before Purchasing a Vehicle”

1. Why do you need a vehicle?

Emotional and social: Do your friends have cars, and is their enthusiasm affecting your judgment? Do you just “have to” have a car to satisfy this? Succumbing to this is not an adult way of handling the pressure you are receiving.

Tired of taking bus or rail, or even taxi: These uses are real, can be exhausting and costly, not to mention time-consuming, and are certainly realistic considerations. The costs of purchasing and operating an inexpensive transportation car can many times be less. Use your guide lists, and analyze your expenses.

Present vehicle has broken down: This does necessitate prompt action. But don’t rush into a purchase you will regret later. You can always find temporary ways to get around until you can move into a satisfactory vehicle. Friends, rental vehicles, buses, and trains are some alternatives. Do not panic. Avoid emotional quick decisions.

Just old enough to get first car: This is indeed an exciting time and an opportunity to move into adult responsibilities. For your first car, try to avoid the attraction of that exotic muscle car. They cost more and generally ride like rocks. Burning rubber is costly and dangerous, and keep in mind that if you are under 25 years old, you or your parents are going to be paying extremely high insurance premiums for any accidents or damage you may incur. Don’t think you are invincible. That sexy soft-top convertible has similar additional costs, is easy to break into, and may not be as safe in roll-over accidents. If that guy is going to be interested in you because of some costly vehicle, then you are probably not looking at the right guy.” To read the entire article click here.

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